public school cafeterias no longer serve meat by default

Since Thursday, back to school day, the canteens of Grenoble public schools no longer serve meat or fish, unless you request it.

This is news that has inevitably destabilized the families of the town accustomed to traditional menus canteens. Thursday, back to school day for many children, the mayor of Grenoble (Isère) Éric Piolle thus announced a revolution in the plates of these young blond, dark or red heads. In a post shared on the social network Twitter and reported by La Provence, the elected official declared that the default menus for canteens are now vegetarian.

School canteens in Grenoble: the “standard menus” are vegetarian

“On this #back-to-school day in Grenoble, the new standard menus are vegetarian!” The Grenoble mayor stresses, however, that schoolchildren will be able to eat meat and fish, provided they express the request: “The logic is reversed: you have to ask to eat meat and/or fish.”

“We continue to green schoolyards”

Mr. Piolle’s message concludes with a stated intention to develop a healthy environment for students: “We continue to green schoolyards and develop pedestrian squares in front of our schools.” It was last June that the municipal council voted on the default vegetarian menus in school canteens. A measure decided not to contribute to the global warming through animal husbandry and meat consumption.

A contested decision

According to the comments left under the publication of the mayor of Grenoble, the fact of imposing vegetarian menus is not very well received. Among the contesting arguments invoked, submission to a minority of vegetarians, the omnivorous nature of human beings and the need for animal proteins for the proper development of the latter.

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