Quebecers unconcerned about data theft at work

Quebecers unconcerned about data theft at work

Cyber ​​threats do not seem to worry Quebec employees who feel little concerned about data theft at work, when online fraud cost $100 million.

According to a Terranova Security study published on Tuesday, 36% of Quebec employees say they are less concerned about cyber threats, while 30% of them mention the lack of cybersecurity training.

The study reveals that Quebec companies do not do enough to protect their organizations against cyber threats since they do not provide appropriate cybersecurity training.

More than three in four employees (76%) believe the responsibility for protecting company data rests with the IT department, while 62% of employees believe they play a critical role.

Canadian companies do not provide employees with sufficient training on cyber threats, with only 39% of employees surveyed saying they work in a company where cyber security training is mandatory.

This low training rate is not due to a lack of interest on the part of employees, since 87% find cybersecurity training “interesting”, according to the probe.

“It is clear that cybersecurity training and awareness is being neglected by many Quebec companies, even though cybercrime is on the rise, which is concerning,” said Theo Zafirakos, CISO at Terranova Security.

“The study shows that there is work to be done to make people aware of the important role they play in protecting data at work, but the responsibility does not stop with them,” he stressed. .