Quick access to Windows Studio, energy recommendations, full-screen widgets, here’s what’s coming

Quick access to Windows Studio, energy recommendations, full-screen widgets, here’s what’s coming

Microsoft has just released a new build of Windows 11 for Insider members. Released in the beta channel, it introduces several new features, including quick access to Windows Studio and new energy recommendations.

Microsoft continues to evolve its operating system. The American firm has just published not one, but two Preview builds of Windows 11. Available in the beta channel, these Previews contain several new features.

Unfortunately, as usual, Microsoft likes to make an already hard-to-follow system even more complicated. For this Preview, Insider members are indeed separated into two groups. The first will receive build 22623.885 in which all new features will be enabled by default. The second will be offered build 22621.885 in which all new features are disabled by default. They can nevertheless force the installation of the build with the new features activated by default by manually searching for the update in Windows Update.

Windows Studio accessible in Quick Settings

The first novelty, and not the least, is the arrival of Windows Studio, the webcam settings management tool, in the Windows 11 quick settings pane. If you previously had to go to Settings > Bluetooth and Devices > Cameras to access them, a click on Quick Settings from the taskbar will soon be enough to bring them up. Since Windows Studio is only available on machines that support the Neural Processing Unit (NPU), the function will obviously not be available to everyone. The lucky ones who will be able to access it will however be able to more easily configure the various effects of their webcam, such as the blurring of the background or the automatic cropping.

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Tips for saving energy

In recent months, Microsoft has multiplied initiatives to optimize the energy impact of its products. The Redmond firm has thus deployed new power saving settings in Windows 11 and has also inaugurated an efficiency mode to limit access to machine resources for processes that are too greedy.

The company has also introduced this efficiency mode in its browser Microsoft Edge. It allows in particular to put inactive tabs on standby, but also to automatically limit its consumption of resources as soon as a game is launched on the machine.

Microsoft is planning to add a new Energy Recommendations panel in Battery and power settings. This will allow you to quickly apply certain settings. Among these, you will find putting your PC to sleep or turning off your screen after three minutes of inactivity, changing the Power mode for Better energy efficiency, or even activating the dark theme.

Windows 11 energy recommendations
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Full page widgets

Microsoft also continues to develop its widgets. The dedicated panel, which until now only took up half the screen, can be configured for a full-page display.

Windows 11 Fullscreen Widgets
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A click on the dedicated button displayed at the top right of the pane will suffice to deploy it over the entire display surface of your screen. You will be able to display the maximum amount of information on your screen while limiting the need to scroll to display the widgets you need.

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