rates for new customers will increase (sometimes sharply) from October 3

The host had already announced that its prices would be increased for old and new customers. The reason is inflation.

For new customers, VPS Starter will pass from 3 to 3.5 euros, Value from 5 to 5.75, Essential from 10 to 12.5 euros, etc.

The company states that “ the price of the VPS will include the additional cost of the primary IP. For Starter and Value an adjustment period will apply until January 2023 during which the primary IP will not be billed “. After this period of grace » it will be necessary to add 1 euros per month.

Increases are also in the game for Baremetal, Essentials powered by VMware, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Web offers, etc.

In its FAQ, the company answers a question that arises when seeing the new prices: You announce a 10% increase on existing services. Why are the increases more substantial for certain new services? “.

Answer : “ The new prices include increases other than energy cost inflation (increase in the cost of IPs, increase in the price of certain licenses included in the service, etc.) “.

In another blog postOVHcloud explains that, “ in recent years, IPv4 exhaustion has become a reality, causing prices to rise until reaching an average of $50 per IP in 2022 “.

Thereby, “ From October 6, 2022, the price of new additional IPv4 subscriptions (also known as IP fail-over) will be €1.50 per month per IP (excluding taxes), with no installation costs and no commitment “. Previously, this option was billed at 2 euros excluding tax… all at once.

Finally, for existing services (i.e. old customers) OVHcloud will proceed a controlled increase in our prices of around 10%: as of October 31 for our Public Cloud solutions; on December 1st for our Bare Metal solutions (servers, Eco, VPS), Hosted Private Cloud and our web hosting “.


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