Real estate speculation on Mars

Real estate speculation on Mars

They didn’t make any unexpected discoveries: their list comes from the “Catalogue of Candidate Martian Caverns” (Mars Global Cellar Candidate Catalog). This document, published in 2017, was updated in 2021 by NASA and other partners, based on data collected from orbit by the probes Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MOR).

These spacecraft were able to detect “entrances” – the largest being the size of a football field – and various underground “cavities”.

MRO in particular is equipped with a high resolution camera, HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment), able to distinguish rocks barely 1 meter wide – but it has only mapped 5% of the surface so far.

The little helicopter Ingenuity been flying on Mars for a year and a half. Pictures: NASA

Helicopter reconnaissance

The “catalogue” contains more than a thousand of these potential homes, from which the team has therefore selected nine.

All these caves seem to be very widebut observation from orbit has its limits, recognize the three researchers. Real estate speculation should go up a notch the day when small helicopterslike the one experimented earlier This yearwill take closer pictures…