Real Madrid are preparing for a possible exclusion from the Champions League

Florentino Pérez’s board of directors have begun a reorganization of their finances which would allow them to cover several seasons without playing the Champions League, one of the major risks of their crusade against UEFA and the Super League project.

Real Madrid are aware that they could be excluded from the Champions League for several seasons. The main reason for this is the Super League, of which Real Madrid are one of the main promoters. For now, a court must decide after the hearing in Luxembourg between Super League and UEFA. The judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union is expected at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

The Madrid leaders are aware that if UEFA wins this trial, one of the consequences is that the main initiators of the Super League could be sanctioned by the European body, with the major punishment being an outright exclusion from the League of Champions, for one or more years.

780 million in cash

A scenario that Real Madrid has anticipated financially. The club has nearly 780 million euros in cash and unused credit facilities in its coffers. What to face one or more seasons without income in the competition that the Casa Blanca has just won for the 14th time in its history.

That’s what the daily says vozpopuliwhich explains that Real Madrid “has already accumulated enough equity to face an entire season with the same volume of current expenses without receiving practically a single euro, and even so it would maintain a certain surplus. In addition, Real Madrid s ‘has been working to reduce its debt ratio to zero, giving it the best credit rating for future bank loans.

Vozpópuli also reveals that “the merengue management is working with the aim of doubling the value of the club before 2025, and the Super League and the new Santiago Bernabéu (for the completion of which it would also draw on cash) are going in this direction: the projection is that the two companies will bring additional income per year that would double Madrid’s annual turnover, well over 1000 million euros”.

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