Redfall: A Car-Free World That Will Drive Players To Explore

Redfall: A Car-Free World That Will Drive Players To Explore

Games Radar just released a 10 page article where they ask a few questions to Havery Smith and Ricardo Bare, two of the developers of red fall, the next title of Arkane (Austin) scheduled for this year. A river interview, full of talk with a lot of promise and a journalist who has the gift of writing a whole paragraph about a known mechanism that is 15 years old.

In short, according to the article, red fall somehow takes Arkane out of its comfort zone since it will be the largest open world made by the studio. A card that will not, however, compare with the standards of the pundits of the genre. Indeed, if Havery Smith and Ricardo Bare compare the title several times to the Far Cry saga, they specify that there will be no vehicle here. Everything will therefore be done on foot – then, we imagine, by fast travel, and this, according to them, compensates for the fact that Redfall is smaller than average. Thanks to the studio’s know-how, we are assured that we will still be encouraged to explore the island in the same way that we tickled our curiosity in Dishonored Where Prey. Redfall will, however, be a more classic destination than the studio’s previous creations, if an American city overrun by vampires and a military militia is “classic”. The developers also mention Far Cry 2 Where STALKER regarding the emerging gameplay and the reporter, probably on his third coke rail says: you may find combat sequences, story snippets or countless chaotic outcomes as Arkane’s systems collide. Basically, the world will continue to live without you and this can lead to more or less interesting unscripted situations. We will judge on the spot.

The rest of the article goes back to different aspects of the game that we already knew more or less. It will be possible to play the same hero in the same team, but the developers encourage us to take advantage of the synergy between the characters. Be careful, because once you have chosen your protagonist, you will have to keep it until the end of the campaign! We also remember that Redfall will be completely playable solo, even if again, Arkane does not really recommend it to us. As in a looter-shooter, we will also find a whole bunch of weapons with various characteristics to find something to adapt to our style of play. The developers of Doom have also come to help them work on the sensations of shooting , so we will have at least that pleasure! Finally, Arkane obliges, there will obviously be powers to improve and a strong immersive-sim component.

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According to the latest rumours, Redfall would be scheduled for next Mayor at least for 2023 on SteamI’Epic Games Storeas well as Xbox Game Pass.