Repairability: it is possible to easily change the rear glass of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

The new iPhones are commercially available only from today, but the first tests are already starting to arrive. Several North American sites have been able to get their hands on these Apple mobiles and a notable change on the repairability side is to be noted.

No need to disassemble the screen

In their comprehensive iPhone 14 reviews, and TechCrunch noticed that the rear glass of the iPhone 14 can be changed more easily than on previous generations. Good news for clumsy users.

The two American media explain that the construction of the iPhone 14 has changed compared to that of the iPhone 13 to allow better heat dissipation. Interesting collateral effect of this decision, it is now possible to remove and change the rear window without having to completely disassemble the phone. It would seem, however, that this pleasing novelty only concerns the standard models of iPhone 14 and not the Pro and Pro Max versions.

Until then, replacing the back of an iPhone had to be done by first dismantling the screen, recovering the photo modules and changing the entire casing of the phone. A complex and expensive process that made the breakage of the rear window rather troublesome. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus simplify the process by allowing the mobile to be opened directly from its back. Not only does this decision greatly simplify the replacement of this part, but also allows access to the rest of the components more easily in the event of a problem. As noted TechCrunchthe screens of the iPhone 14 Pro can also be changed without having to replace the TrueDepth module which allows facial recognition.

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Can (still) do better

It is undoubtedly this micro — but important — change that allows the iPhone 14 display a slightly higher repairability index than that of its predecessor. Alas, if dismantling is easier (as evidenced by the complete repairability index scoring grid), this does not mean that the repair process will be more accessible. The prices of spare parts for the iPhone 14 are indeed higher than those for the iPhone 13. In short, even if you can more easily access the faulty component, replacing it will cost you more than before. A financial obstacle that could cool some.

It is all the same pleasant to see that Apple is concerned a little more about repairability with its new generation of mobiles. If we are still far from being faced with an easily repairable smartphone, and therefore better for the planet, dissecting the iPhone 14 will be more within the reach of motivated DIYers. If you want to get into home repair, we have listed some things to know before you start.

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