Researchers develop device to prevent glasses from fogging

Researchers develop device to prevent glasses from fogging

Researchers have developed a coating capable of preventing the formation of fog on the lenses of glasses. Explanations.

It’s a small revolution for all glasses wearers who have already been bothered by the fogging of the lenses. Scientists have developed an ultrathin coating – 10 nanometers thick – based on gold that prevents condensation from forming on the glasses.

How it works ? As explained the Daily Mailthis thin layer is able to convert sunlight into heat. Thus, by heating the surface of the glass, condensation does not form, thus allowing spectacle wearers to see correctly. “Fogging affects a wide range of activities in which transparent surfaces are crucial, such as those involving glasses, windows, windshields, mirrors or optical sensors,” the team found. This new device was summarized in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Optimal efficiency

“Tiny, extremely fine clusters of gold are sandwiched between two layers of titanium oxide which enhance the heating effect. When the coating is spread over the glass, it helps to absorb infrared radiation from the sun, which means that it can gently warm the glass up to 8 ° C and prevent the formation of condensation”, details the English newspaper taking up the discovery of the team from the public research university ETH Zurich. The researchers point out that this coating is inexpensive because of its thinness despite the price of gold.

“The coating provides a noticeable temperature increase…and works effectively even in cloudy conditions. These effects manifest themselves in impressive anti-fog performance, equivalent to a four-fold improvement in fog prevention and a three-fold improvement in elimination of fogging compared to that of an uncoated surface,” say the scientists. This device could also be installed on car windshields.