reserve the Sony console by taking advantage of Amazon invitations

reserve the Sony console by taking advantage of Amazon invitations

The PS5 is always tricky to find in stock, but you can up your odds with Amazon. The site allows you to request an invitation for the next available consoles!

It will soon be two years that the PS5 is out, and yet, the console is still a victim of its own success and limited production. The situation has all the same improved a little in recent months, but it remains tense, because although stocks may be a little larger, demand is still just as strong and they are systematically taken by storm.

To complicate the task, there is no real rule concerning restocking and we cannot predict their date. For some stores, it will be on weekdays while for others the consoles will be available on weekends. It’s not easy to find your way around, it’s true, but some sites take the lead to make your task (a little) easier: this is the case with Amazon!

The Sony PS5 console is to be reserved directly on the Amazon site

Amazon has an invite system in place, which is an alternative to an “out of stock” page. By going to the PS5 product page, you can request an invitation by email, simply with a single click via the email address linked to your Amazon account. The merchant makes it clear that not all requests for invitations will be satisfied due to the very limited quantities available. Nevertheless, it costs nothing to give it a try, and if your request is accepted, you will receive a link valid for 72 hours to place an order.

Order the PS5 on Amazon by invitation

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