Resident Evil 9 will mark a new start for the saga

Resident Evil 9 should launch a new beginning for the saga. Kento Kinoshita, the current director of the license, explained that the DLC of Resident Evil 8 will conclude the arc of the Winters family started with the seventh installment.

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Since Resident Evil 7, the saga has taken a horrific turn. It makes us embody “everyman” (Ethan Winters) with first-person gameplay. A clear break with the action inclination of the previous parts. Resident Evil 9 should go in another directionaccording to the game’s director.

It is in the columns of IGN Japan that Kento Kinoshita, at the head of the license, gave details on the future DLC of Resident Evil 8. Named Shadow of Rose, it is scheduled for October 28. For him, it will end the Winters family arc. However, he declined to say more.

Resident Evil 9 will start on new bases

Attention, we will spoil the ending of Resident Evil 8 in the following lines. Resident Evil 7, released in 2017, had completely messed up the license codes with new first-person gameplay. Resident Evil 8 took the same system (adding more action) and at the end of the game, our protagonist sacrifices himself to save his daughter. In the DLC Shadow of Rose, scheduled for October, the player will embody this young girl in search of an answer. This will be the last we hear of the Winters family in the franchise, if Kinoshita is to be believed.

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This statement is not trivial. In effect, each new Resident Evil story arc has been accompanied by brand new gameplay that changed our approach to horror. The first three installments (and spin-offs) focused on fixed cameras and puzzles, while from the fourth installment (2005) the series espoused action with a then-revolutionary hand-held camera. Gameplay used up to RE 6. Logically, RE 9 should therefore offer us something new.

Anyway, it will be necessary to wait a little while before touching it. Capcom is currently working on Resident Evil 4 remake which should be released in the course of 2023.

Source : IGN

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