Revel. Football: jerseys for a good cause

The Revel football club has decided to use its old jerseys for a humanitarian redistribution operation, as explained by the president, Didier Roques. “It’s my fourth season as president of USR football and when I’m in the office there are two cupboards crowded with sets of old, incomplete shirts. They’re in good condition but no longer match our sponsors. Sometimes it was missing two or three shirts. So we managed to sort out a few shirts to give them here and there but it always hurts the heart to throw them away so it’s a godsend to have been contacted by Football mission. We see that all these jerseys will not be thrown away unnecessarily. They will be collected, sorted and sent to people who will be happy to receive them and we are very happy to participate in this operation rather than throwing them away”.

Sustainable development

Football mission is a collective of volunteers and partners who work for good living together and the preservation of the environment through the most popular sport: football.

Two main principles: that of raising awareness about the world around us and that of acting through concrete, respectful and sustainable actions through the 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN. It ensures the collection, the redistribution in international solidarity (shipments to Africa, etc.) and the recycling of football equipment. Football mission also organizes a few events, such as conferences on football differently, the football of tomorrow… Of course, they are committed to respecting the charter of the 15 eco-responsible commitments of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The key words are humility, respect and sharing.

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