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Metal Hellsinger – Decimating the underworld in song

Presented with great fanfare during the Summer Game Fest 2022, Metal Hellsinger was able to arouse curiosity and arouse the interest of the public. For good reason, the Swedish developers at The Outsiders have imagined a relatively unique game. Combining la brutality of a doom to the musical harmony of a Guitar Hero. To do this, we are offered a journey through the circles of hell by destroying one by one the aspects of the Red Judge, the main antagonist of the game.

With ae release scheduled for September 15 on consoles and PC what is this little novelty of the video game landscape worth? Note, the game will be available for free on Xbox Game Pass as soon as it comes out. However, it will be necessary to pay the tidy sum of €39.99 on Steam or the Playstation Store for other platforms. Throughout our adventure, we will also find well-known names (Arch Enemy, System Of A Down, Lamb of God, etc.) but with original compositions for this game.

A little bit of history

As stated before, our goal here is to destroy all aspects of the Red Judge as well as the original version of her. But why ?

The stranger and the judge

You play a character with feminine features called here the Unknown. The latter has no name and is from paradise. Descended into hell to settle accounts (presented in a rather vague way at the start ), she ends up being captured by the famous Judge and is sent to one of the circles of Hell with the ultimate punishment of losing her voice. After centuries of wandering in limbo, the Unknown meets Paz, a magical skull with all his voice and magic. Thanks to the latter, you can clear your way. And so, start your ascent to the highest circle of hell.


From Stygia to Sheol, every place will be characterized by its own history. And of course, a specific vision of hell depicted by the game’s graphics team. As an example, we will find Acheron during our journey. Imagined as a hell of technology whose primary function is to be the original cog in the machines of damnation. Just that !

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