River Of Blood, Back 4 Blood’s Third Paid Expansion, Is Available

As agreedthe new paid extension of Back 4 Blood, River of Blood, was released today. Point of psychedelic trip here, but a new story campaign featuring five brand new chapters. It will apparently be about facing a cult under the aegis of a hemoglobin enthusiast. A person that the editorial staff would tend to adulate, but let’s move on. River of Blood adds a new character (Tala) and, more surprisingly, a friendly infected (Jeff). A new game mode also makes its appearance: fight through a series of pre-voted maps, selecting modifiers to increase scores. The more modifiers you select, the higher the difficulty.

Of course, the update also comes with a bunch of new weapons, accessories, modifier cards and even several new enemies. And bug fixes everywhere. All the details this way.

River of Blood is available for €14.99 on Steam. Note that it only takes one person in your lobby to take advantage of all this new content. According to SteamDBthe game continues to gather around 4,000 players daily on Steam, to which must be added those from the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Pass.