Rode X, the new audio brand for podcasters and gamers, launches new mics

Rode, the Australian audio equipment specialist has announced the creation of a sub-brand for podcasters and gamers. An increasingly large clientele with growing needs, particularly in terms of quality.

Rode X is the new brand from Rode (which didn’t look very far for inspiration…) which aims to address podcasters as a priority and also gamers for whom audio quality is important. The manufacturer will offer three new products to start: two microphones and software. Unify will allow users to record and mix up to 4 USB microphones and up to 6 virtual audio sources (web browsers, music, chat…).

One software and two microphones

The software, whose interface aims to be as clear and efficient as possible, is able to remove background noise and improve the overall quality of audio with the help of compressors and filters. Unify will be free for all buyers of a Rode X microphone (but not a Rode device at all), but otherwise you will have to subscribe to it: around $5 per month, or even $45 per year.

Now on to the microphones, starting with the XDM-100, a dynamic cardioid model with a USB-C connection. It includes a pop filter, a shock mount as well as a 3 meter long extension cable. This model is available for $249, but will require an arm to complete the setup.

The XCM-50. © RodeX

The other microphone is more affordable ($149): the XCM-50 is a compact cardioid model that also includes a pop filter (but internal, you can’t remove it) and a shock mount. As a bonus, Rode X provides a desktop tripod. The XCM-50 and XDM-100 provide a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. They are compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.12.

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