Russell Westbrook badly attacked, Pat Beverley releases a viral reaction!

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The duo Russell Westbrook-Patrick Beverley has obviously been talked about a lot since his formation at the Lakers, in particular because of the outings of rookie angelino. This one, for example, did not let a review on the Brodie pass without delivering its comment!

It’s hard to imagine the media coverage they will suffer across the Atlantic after their first match, given the one they are already experiencing on the spot. After only two weeks of cohabitation with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley are already seeing their names on everyone’s lips in Los Angeles. It must be said that their liabilities on the floors of the league lead to questions and debates about their association.

Russ charged by Skip Bayless, Pat Bev steps up

Former rivals, Westbrook and Beverley have been trying since their meeting to ease the tensions that may have existed between them. Their recent meeting in the facilities of their franchise went in this direction, and logically made the rounds of social networks. Skip Bayless, for example, did not miss a beat, and was very skeptical of the camaraderie displayed by the two men… but especially by Russ:

As a great professional, Pat Bev will do everything in his power to make it work with Russ. But—despite Westbrook’s show during Pat Bev’s media introduction—he’ll be his enemy once PB starts taking his minutes. Russ only cares about Russ, not winning.

A resounding notice for the Brodie, that some other analysts share in part. At one time, Beverley might have also joined this critical fringe towards the star point guard, but times have changed. As a good teammate – and as a rookie wishing to be accepted by all his new partners – the neo-Laker, however, defended the opposite opinion:

Nan Skip, I have a good feeling about it 🙏🏾🏀

Long in the camp of detractors of Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley is now one of his supporters, and is convinced that their collaboration will work for the Lakers. A speech that he will now have to justify on the ground!

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