Samsung and LG’s foldable concepts at CES 2023

Samsung and LG’s foldable concepts at CES 2023

Both Samsung and LG kicked off CES 2023 with announcements about their concept of foldable displays, many of which come in tablet-sized form factors. The star of the show was Samsung’s Flex Hybrid, a concept you have to see to fully understand.

It closes like a notebook and opens to reveal a tablet-like screen. But the real wow factor is that you can expand the screen size and even change its aspect ratio when unfolded. The right side of the screen slides out, extending the display size from 10.5 inches to 12.4 inches. During a demonstration at its booth at CES, Samsung showed how the display automatically adjusts to show more content when the screen is extended.

It’s not the first time that Samsung has presented concepts like this. In 2022, Samsung showed accordion-shaped screens and sliding screens, designs also present this year.

Samsung also has other ideas for transforming tablets. Samsung also showed off the Flex Slidable Duet concept at CES, a screen that extends to both sides to provide more viewing area for playing games or watching movies. The screen measures 13 to 14 inches but can expand up to 17.3 inches, according to a press release from Samsung. There’s also a version of this concept that can only extend its screen in one direction, a device Samsung aptly calls the Flex Slidable Solo.

LG had two main foldable tablet concepts to showcase at CES: an 8-inch tablet that can fold inward and outward in both directions, and a 17-inch device that folds in half. LG claims the 17-inch screen is almost entirely wrinkle-free, and the company positions it as either a giant tablet or a more portable external monitor for a laptop.

The gadgets presented at CES are far from the first foldable tablets. There’s Lenovo’s X1 Fold and the newer ThinkPad X1 Fold, while Asus has the Zenbook Fold OLED. LG’s 17-inch concept largely seems to be trying to achieve the same goal that Lenovo and Asus have already started exploring with these devices.