Samsung initiates maintenance mode, which blocks access to personal information when the phone is sent for repair.

PARIS, Oct. 26 (Benin News / EP) –

The new privacy feature of Samsung for its Galaxy devices is called service mode and began rolling out to S21 and S22 smartphones, where users can now block access to their data while their devices are checked by technical teams.

Samsung launched the global deployment of “maintenance mode” after a pilot program in Korea and the initial launch in China. With this privacy protection feature, the tech company wants to prevent users from anxiously handing in their devices for repair.

The “maintenance mode” allows you to create a separate user accountso that technicians can use the main functions but without being able to access private information information, including photos, documents and messages.

This mode also does not allow access to installed apps by the user. As Samsung explains on its website, technicians will be able to download apps from the Galaxy Store, but these will be automatically deleted, along with any data or accounts created, as soon as the owner exits “maintenance mode”.

The global rollout of this privacy protection feature began this Wednesday and will continue throughout 2023. It is already available on select Samsung Galaxy devices running One UI 5 or later, including the Galaxy S21 and S22 seriesbut will be extended to other models.

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