Samsung is working on its future bestsellers, here is the first info

The Galaxy A’s are certainly not flashy, but this range represents Samsung’s best value for money. It is thanks to these devices that the South Korean brand has become and remains the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones. A brief overview of the future Galaxy A14, Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54.

Samsung is known to be on par with Apple when it comes to high-performance and luxurious smartphones. The South Korean brand is renowned for the magnificent finish of devices such as the S22, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and other Galaxy Flips. That said, not everyone always has $1000+ to invest in these luxury phones. It is however thanks to handsets with specifications that are certainly more modest, but with more than honorable performance, the famous mid-range, that the company has become the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer.

According to the AndroidHeadlines site, the Asian giant is preparing the arrival of new phones in its series of affordable handsets, the Galaxy A. These are made up of smartphones aimed at a segment ranging from the entry in the middle range. Logically, the cheapest of all will be the Galaxy A14 5G. Unlike its direct predecessor, and as its name suggests, it will be 5G compatible, making it the cheapest 5G ready smartphone of the brand next year. Nothing suggests that 5G will be optional on this model. The choice not to offer a “just 4G” A14 would be beneficial for mobile operators, who would like to convert customers to this new standard. The combination of cheap 5g mobile plans and affordable devices should help in this direction.

As tradition dictates, the Galaxy A54 will represent the best investment

In the mid-range, we will find the Galaxy A34 (code name SM-A346B). Details about this model are sparse, but it is rumored that it could be powered by the new in-house System-on-Chip, theExynos 1380. Given the placement of the entire range, customers wishing to obtain the best performance/price ratio will certainly be more tempted by the Galaxy A54.

The Galaxy A14, Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 should all land on European shelves. If Samsung sticks to the usual schedule, the Galaxy A14 will be marketed first, before the end of the year. The other two, the Galaxy A34 and the Galaxy A54 should be sold after the presentation of the Galaxy S23so as not to tread on its toes, most likely in early 2023. No details are available as to their selling prices, but Samsung should not stray too far from its current pricing policy.

Source: GalaxyClub

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