Samsung rolls out ‘maintenance mode’ to protect data from repairers

Samsung announced a few days ago that it had started rolling out its new maintenance mode, to protect user data, especially during repairs.

The mode was already being tested in South Korea last July and then released in China at the start of the school year. Samsung wants to bring more peace of mind to its consumers about their personal data. The Galaxy S22 are the first smartphones to take advantage of it, but a wide selection of devices from the South Korean brand should follow in the coming months.

Strengthen privacy

“Service Mode can ease user anxiety that can occur when handing over a personal device to someone for repairs. » This is how it starts the press release from Samsung which announces the arrival of this new mode. It is true that a smartphone today contains a huge part of the life of its users, whether photos, various notes, private messages, etc. Entrusting your smartphone to a complete stranger for the repair time brings this constant uncertainty and this little lump in your stomach.

Maintenance Mode is very easy to activate, but it is advisable to save your data before launching it. ©Samsung

Samsung wants to put an end to this. Concretely, the Maintenance Mode allows you to create a second user account on the smartphone, which only appears when the option is activated. Everything on this secondary account is temporary. Thus, this account has only the most basic functions and all information or applications downloaded on it are automatically deleted when deactivating the mode.

The Galaxy S22 first, then the others

The Maintenance Mode is yet another new tool based on the Knox security platform developed by the brand. It joins recently released protection solutions such as Knox Vault and Knox Matrix. To activate it just go to the smartphone settings and go to the battery settings menu and select the option. A restart of the smartphone is required for Maintenance Mode to take effect.

Samsung announces that the deployment of this new mode will be done gradually on all Samsung Galaxy compatible One UI 5 (android 13), starting with the S22 series. The rest of the models will follow in parallel with the deployment of One UI 5 in the world until 2023. Finally, Samsung encourages users to backup their smartphone data before activating Maintenance Mode to easily find them if a problem has occurred. occurred.

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