Samsung’s QD OLED now comes in 77-inches

Samsung Display has unveiled a new QD OLED panel. We don’t know much about it, but we do know that it is 77 inches diagonally.

A QD OLED in 77 inches // Source: Samsung Display

At IMID 2022 in South Korea, Samsung Display unveiled a larger QD OLED display. There were 55 and 65 inches, there is now a 77 inch diagonal for televisions.

the QD-OLED, do not confuse this technology with OLED. These two technologies are very similar, however the QD OLED is developed by Samsung Display. Like the OLED you know, each pixel generates its own light, so the contrast is theoretically infinite. There are also other advantages, such as wide viewing angles and instantaneous response time.

However, with QD-OLED, even the panel’s brightest pixel can be displayed with the correct color saturation, as there are no white sub-pixels to ‘erase’ the color. There is no RGB filter (red, green and blue), theoretically a greater luminosity is obtained. In addition, the new QD-OLED panel structure is based on quantum dots (nanoparticles or QD or Quantum Dots), this allows to obtain a better coverage of the color space. We have already tested samsung tvas well as that by Sony.

55, 65 and now 77 inches

Unlike LG Display, Samsung Display offered its technology only with diagonals of 55 and 65 inches. At LG, we have many different sizes, from 42 inches. We now learn that Samsung Display will provide 77-inch QD OLED screens. We can therefore expect the first 77-inch QD-OLED TVs from Samsung Electronics and Sony, certainly from 2023.

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