searches to find about fifteen people who disappeared during a “religious” activity

“Between 16 and 20 people” who were to participate in a “religious retreat” have been missing for a fortnight in western Venezuela, announced Monday, September 5 the Civil Protection (PC), which will launch searches Tuesday morning. The local press evokes a greater number of missing persons. These people have not given any further news “since August 22” after leaving for an activity “religious” in La Grita, a town in the state of Tachira on the border with Colombia, the director of Civil Protection for the region, Yesnardo Canal, told AFP. An 8-day-old newborn is among the missing, he said.

The authorities refuse to dwell on the subject, claiming to wait for the results of the investigation, both on the type of religious activity and on the number of missing persons. During a press conference, the director of the CP, hoping “positive results” reported that residents of the area had seen “groups of people in mountainous areas”. “It’s all strange (…) there are several versions, we won’t know which is the right one before” research and investigation, said Juan Carlos Escalante, the mayor of Jauregui, another locality in the sector.


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