Senegal: CGF’s flagship national savings plan Bourse Open Days

The national savings plan or National Assets (NASS) was certainly the star of the CGF Bourse Open Days which take place from October 26 to 28 at the headquarters of the brokerage firm. Starting from an idea to create a powerful investment instrument through savings, this plan supported by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Dakar (CCIAD) and CGF Bourse is open to any natural person. or Senegalese morality (company under Senegalese law owned by Senegalese for at least 51%). “The idea is to federate energies around impact projects, the financing of companies and SMEs, projects…”, explains Adama Lam, president of the National Confederation of Employers of Senegal (CNES), one of the employers’ structures in the country.
The purpose of the “NASS” is to allow the national private sector to participate in the constitution of a portfolio of transferable securities, the liquidation of which by each member may be used in the long term to supply a savings or investment product. of liberal participation in the form of capital or debt in the real economy of our country.

The project, which aims to be inclusive, is open to all organizations and the diaspora. This last segment, driving force of the country’s balance of payments, transferred in 2021 about 1,500 billion FCFA to Senegal through the official circuit. The national savings plan aims at at least a target size of 100 billion FCFA. After this milestone, an investment company will be set up in accordance with the required criteria and governance standards, specifies Ndeye Khady Diack, deputy director of CGF Bourse.

Beyond this integrative project, the CGF Bourse were open days on financial inclusion and savings and investment opportunities through the Regional Investment Exchange. The brokerage firm’s analysts dissected the trends and zoomed in on the values ​​of portfolio funds. The essential question of the financing of SMEs by the Stock Exchange was presented through all its facets. We will come back to it.

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