Senegal-Iran relocated to Slovenia!

Initially scheduled in Austria on September 27, the friendly match between Senegal and Iran, in preparation for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, will finally take place in Slovenia, Record informs us.

Iran has deployed its diplomacy to deal with Senegal, as part of the preparation for the next world games of 2022 which start in mid-November. The link being made, the two federations had agreed on a friendly match in Austria, on September 27, 3 days after Senegal’s first friendly outing, at the La Source stadium in Orleans, France, against Bolivia.

Immediately after this first match, the Lair will move to Slovenia where they will face Iran. According to information from RECORD, the meeting is scheduled for Tehelne Pole, the national stadium of Slovenia, who counts 22,500 places.

On the other hand, the teams should in principle stay on Austrian soil towards the border between the two countries. If Senegal is forced to pay to play against Bolivia, it will pay no money to face Iran. On the contrary, it is the Iranians who should take care of the transport tickets of the entire Senegalese delegation and its accommodation. Knowing that the case was handled in high places, there should be no fees paid.

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