Serious improvement in sight for the new zoom of the iPhone 15 Pro

Serious improvement in sight for the new zoom of the iPhone 15 Pro

According to information from the magazine The Electric, LG Innotek decided to invest more than one billion euros (in local currency equivalent) in new premises. The South Korean firm is approached there to design components dedicated to the telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro. Mobiles are not sure at the moment, but we know that Apple has a habit of unveiling new premium smartphones at the end of the second half of each year. In addition, this subcontractor is not a new collaborator for the firm at the apple: the two have already worked together many times in the past.

Today, the iPhone 14 Pro are already equipped with excellent capabilities on the back with a 3x optical zoom. As for the digital zoom, it reaches 15x, enough to crop shots taken with a wide-angle. With this, remember that the main sensor of the rear photo module offers a substantial definition of forty-eight megapixels. This feature is important for obtaining less grain and much sharper images after capture or in post-production.

The novelty that will make a mark?

The system that Apple would have commissioned from LG would be a mounting in “periscope“, as experts say. Behind this term hide accordion-folded lenses which, through an intelligent game of mirrors, transmit the optical flow from the subject to the software without losing quality. The main advantage of this solution being space saving, since the glasses no longer have to be aligned but overlap.

This isn’t the first time this change has made headlines, though, so it looks like Apple has been working on it for some time. And the iPhone 15s should, with this improvement, prove to be much more interesting than their predecessors. Because between iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, apart from a fairly high price increase, the differences between the two ranges are quite slim. But the more powerful telephoto lens could really change the situation, especially since it is hard to imagine Cupertino raising its prices again drastically.

Other new items on the menu

This is not the only asset that could represent the photo sensor of the iPhone 15. Indeed, other rumors assure that it will offer a better opening for capturing large scenes. The shots should then be clearer, even when the light conditions are not optimal, for example at night. A keynote is expected in September to confirm this. – Official App

By: Keleops AG