Shaded-d’Anjou. The adventure continues for Benjamin Coulonnier

The young Pouancé florist Benjamin Coulonnier has set himself a challenge by participating in the Challenge Piverdie 2022, open to apprentices and professional florists. He had to create a composition on the theme “creative architecture in the world”, with the choice of a monument. The young man’s choice was the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

On August 23, Benjamin was selected for the second stage along with 18 other winners. He is competing in the “France Senior” category with the same monument to create an extravagant decoration for a hat, with an instruction: “During the results of the competition for the best architectural innovation at a Universal Exhibition, the president of the jury will wear a hat, it’s up to you. “A hat remained secret until Monday, September 12, 8 p.m. Nine candidates have been selected, the virtual votes began on the evening of September 12 and will end on Sunday September 18.

The young florist artist named his hat “The Bilbao effect”. Several days of work were needed to create this hat, the structure, and to make it stand on a head and flower it. Orchids, arums, sedum, carnations, roses, nutans, foliage and aluminum wire were used to make the hat worn by Éloïse Théard, model for a day who became “The girl with the extravagant hat”.

A pride for Benjamin, third generation of the Coulonnier family, to reach the final at Novafleur where two big winners will be announced on September 19th.

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