Shadow details its new Power offer

Announced last spring, Shadow’s Power option has been available since yesterday. It offers a more powerful configuration, for a higher price.

The redemption of Shadow by OVHcloud last year was to relaunch the French company specializing in cloud computing. It now offers a new option called Power, aimed primarily at businesses. A big step forward for the modernization of the Shadow offer which was getting old.

Finally more power

Announced during the Shadow Spotlight keynote, this new configuration implemented by the French company comes in addition to the basic subscription. You will therefore have to pay €44.98 per month to be able to take advantage of it, against €29.99 for the basic offer. At this price, businesses or individuals will be able to see access to a cloud PC powered by an AMD EPYC 7543P 4-core, 8-thread processor. Graphics card level, the PC is equipped with an Nvidia RTX A4500 for professionals or a 3070 and 16 GB of RAM. The company says it is also working with AMD to bring graphics cards based on the RDNA2 architecture and in particular the AMD Radeon Pro V620.

By offering a graphics card equivalent to the RTX 3070, for professionals, Shadow is aimed at a more specialized audience. ©Shadow

At this price, it would come to €1,619 over three years, a comfortable price compared to a gaming computer physics equipped with the same components. Remember that the basic configuration obtained with a Shadow subscription is starting to show its limits, especially for the monthly price. For nearly €30, subscribers have access to a computer equipped with a 4-core Intel Xeon processor, an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card and 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. You have to add a supplement to have additional storage space.

Shadow still stretches

Shadow’s Power option is currently only available in limited quantities and places will open up over time, with a first wave during the month of November. The company takes the opportunity to take stock of its roadmap. Shadow is now available, as planned, in five new territories: Canada, Austria, Sweden, Italy and Denmark. Spain will arrive very soon. According to Shadow, this opening makes cloud computing accessible to an additional 120 million potential new users.

A big update is in preparation following the migration of the back-end of Shadow, which will notably offer a redesigned client interface.

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