Shadow Warrior 3 Definitive Edition Arrives February 16

Almost a year after the release of Shadow Warrior 3, is announced the Definitive Edition, an improved version accompanying the release of the game on the latest generation consoles. For those who have forgotten, this third opus of the saga was more or less an ersatz of Doom Eternal more colorful and slightly more talkative. Our test of the time concluded that without reaching his mentor, he was still sympathetic, but that he was sorely lacking in content.

On the program of this final version, Flying Wild Hog gives us a survival mode and a hero mode, a New Game Plus as well as a new difficulty level: Hardcore. the tweet also lists a 60 FPS mode and a 4K mode – beware, not both at the same time, it could burn – for couch heroes. Let’s hope that the optimization, which was initially rather unsuccessful, has also been reworked for the PC version.

Shadow Warrior 3 Definitve Edition will be available on February 16 on Steam and GoG for an unspecified price, but it will be free for owners of the original game.

Thanks Lou for the info.

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