Shatterline, A Free-to-play FPS Featuring Co-op PvP And Rogue-lite, Is Available In Early Access

It had passed under the radar for us a bit: Shatterline, a Ukrainian free-to-play FPS offering both a coop mode and classic PvP, was released in early access on Steam a few days ago.

On a land ravaged by an alien epidemic transforming humans into bloodthirsty monsters, the player embodies an immune soldier who must face both creatures and a militarized cult wishing to conquer the world. A story certainly nanardesque, but sufficient to justify shooting things. Shatterline offers two main game modes: if “Versus” actually offers classic PvP modes (TDM, Domination, etc.), an ersatz Call of Duty style with character classes and powers, the “Expedition” mode hides a sort of co-op rogue-lite. The group of players must go through levels and complete objectives before evacuating. The more objectives you complete, the more the difficulty will increase – as well as the reward, which allows you to improve your equipment.

Shatterline is therefore available in early access on Steam and will expand its content as it develops. We’re not going to hide it: it’s not very fancy, but it’s free and it will perhaps satisfy the most tight-fisted of you. Moreover the game has for the moment a small success in terms of number of players, we can therefore congratulate the Kievan developers for having ensured the release of their title in the middle of a war.

Below is gameplay from Shatterline’s PvP mode. It’s from August, but it’s pretty representative of what the game is today:

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