“She knew what she was doing”, assures the footballer about a complainant

Prosecuted for seven rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault by seven women, Benjamin Mendy saw his statements made to the police being studied by the jury, Thursday during his court case at the Court of Chester (England). Faced with investigators, the Manchester City defender denied four of the charges outright and claimed to have only had “consensual sex” with the complainants, as reported by the Manchester Evening News.

“I am shocked to be accused of rape and forcible confinement. They could leave at any time, ”he told the police during the investigation, assuring that the door of his home could be opened from the inside, contrary to what the complainants stated. About one of them, the sixth in the file, who claimed to have been raped in her sleep, Benjamin Mendy indicated that she was not sleeping: “She was a little drunk but she knew what she was doing” .

“She was strong-willed and enthusiastic”

Regarding the fourth accusation of rape mentioned during the hearing, the former OM and AS Monaco player speaks of a “flirt” and describes the course of the scene as follows: “She came to the cinema with me. She said she wanted to know me better and that she would like to be in a relationship with me. I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in a relationship and then left. She stopped me from leaving and we started kissing. She was strong-willed and enthusiastic.

The trial by Benjamin Mendy has just been adjourned this Friday due to the state of health of judge Steven Everett, who tested positive for Covid-19. It should normally resume Monday noon, depending on the evolution of the state of the magistrate.

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