Shopping | Snapchat launches ‘Director Mode’ to compete with TikTok

(ETX Daily Up) – Social networks are no longer just publishing platforms but creation platforms. Snapchat has unveiled a new “director mode” for editing videos directly from its app. A way to compete with TikTok?

The Chinese social network has already been offering it for a long time. Faced with the success and popularity of TikTok’s editing tool, platforms have also taken up the subject by offering their own version. And it’s Snapchat’s turn to enter the dance of editing. The social network has announced the launch of “director mode” offering different shooting and editing tools for content creation. The “director mode” has been rolled out on iOS and will be in the coming weeks on Android with access to the “dual camera” option.

The new mode thus allows the use of the dual camera function to activate the rear and front cameras simultaneously, as well as the use of filters such as “green screen” to insert videos in the background or the possibility of modifying the rhythm. of the video by slowing down or speeding up certain passages with the “reading speed” function.

Tough competition has pushed platforms to develop additional tools to be self-sufficient. Live broadcast, live shopping and now editing tools… Social networks offer a range of tools to create content directly from their application. Benefits highly valued by users for their ease of use and practicality.

Snapchat had already caved to the feed trend of short video content like TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, creating Spotlight, which saw 55% growth between 2021 and 2022, as Snap reported in its latest report.

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