Sick Develops Machine Vision System for Electric Vehicle Battery Inspection

It allows the manufacturer’s Ranger3 high-definition 3D camera to be configured in a dedicated inspection cell.

Sick has just designed a high-voltage battery inspection system, developed to be installed on an electric vehicle assembly line just before the battery is installed on the car body. In total, the system can use up to eight Ranger3 cameras: high definition cameras, with integrated laser, equipped with Sick’s ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation) imager. Each camera generates a separate digital 3D scan and all can be processed together in a single output with less than 1mm height resolution.

The manufacturer has also developed detection algorithms, hosted on a controller to evaluate the results of the analyses. ” If a foreign object, even a tiny screw or washer, lands on the battery surface, it can cause scratches, damage, or puncture. These small objects, a few millimeters in size, are difficult to see, especially since they are often the same color as the metal surface of the battery case. says Neil Sandhu, Product Manager for Machine Vision, Measurement and Ranging at Sick in the UK.

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