Six candidates for the acquisition of the activities of Scopelec, placed in recovery

Six candidates for the acquisition of the activities of Scopelec, placed in recovery

Six companies are candidates for the total or partial takeover of the activities of Scopelec, the leading French cooperative group and subcontractor of the operator Orange for fiber optic networks, which has recently been placed in receivership, a source familiar with the matter told AFP on Friday. The companies Alsatis, Circet, Kyntus, Newscope, Solutions 30 and Foliateam presented to the Lyon Commercial Court, for the purpose of safeguarding the benefit of the company Scopelec SA and its indirect subsidiary Setelen, takeover offers under the disposal plan, partial and total of the activity and the assets of these, specified this source.

Placed in receivership at the end of September by the Commercial Court of Lyon, the company ensured the laying of optical fiber and the maintenance of the copper network for the former incumbent telecom operator. It has been playing its survival since the announcement by Orange of the loss of most of this market in November 2021, which provided 40% of its turnover. Contacted by AFP, Ralph Blindauer, lawyer for the economic and social committee (CSE) of Setelen, the first subsidiary of Scopelec, estimated for his part that only two global offers, those of Circet and Newscope, can interest the CSE.

Circet’s offer (EUR 100,000) is solid financially but that of Newscope (EUR 2) is socially better“, since it promises to save more jobs (about 250 out of nearly 500 employees against 175 on the Circet side), explains Me Blindauer. But “the employees must be convinced to take shares in the Scop since part of the financing is based on this and they were a little put off by the scop experience at Scopelec“.

The largest cooperative group in France (3,600 employees and EUR 475 million in turnover in 2021), Scopelec is a cooperative and participatory company (Scop), meaning that its employees hold the capital (in this case 74.8% ) and decision-making power. It was created in 1973, the heyday of worker cooperatives, in Revel (Haute-Garonne). The Commercial Court of Lyon will render its decision during a hearing on December 8.