Skull and Bones releases new information and images during Ubisoft Forward 2022

Rising from the deepest seas of news last July, Skull and Bones took advantage of the Ubisoft Forward of this September 10, 2022 to continue to make people talk about it, in particular by showing us a story trailer, but above all some information on the gameplay, with supporting images.

pimp my boat

In addition to the small story trailer which recalls the context of an adventure taking place in the Indian Ocean of the 17th century, so we were also treated to a gameplay trailerincluding a version commented by Elizabeth Pellencreative director of Skull and Bones.

It provides additional information on how to navigate and fight on the seas, which will allow us to better understand the possibilities of the action game from Ubisoft Singapore. Chances are you already knew this, but ships will of course have a large customization window, as will your pirate or accompanying crew.

Gameplay in shambles

As mentioned in a previous post, the game has three categories of ships. The freighters offer more space for your harvested goods and treasures, the sailing boats offer easier and faster handling, while the battleships accommodate additional gun mounts to increase firepower.

Each boat can therefore be customized from different types of cannons. We can focus on long-distance guns, useful for hitting the first one from far enough away, but difficult to hit the mark with. Or, in the case of close combat, use the guns with a higher rate of fire, but with less damage.

Other weapons are likely to compose your ship. As part of these secondary weapons, rocket launchers send a formidable salvo for moving targets, the flamethrowers prove judicious during a very close approach with another enemy, and torpedoes skim the surface of the water over a long range to reach distant opponents.

We also note triggerfish, placed at the bow of the boat, which offer a very powerful shot, although long to reload, and are able to inflict fire or piercing type damage. Special damage is also an integral part of a certain form of strategy in naval battles.

Flooding, crushing, explosive or piercing, the weapons inflict several types of damage, which the boats can face. For each type of damage, there is, a protection aimed at mitigating the effects. You are free to choose the appropriate protections and weapons according to your opponents.

Elisabeth Pellen also tells us about taking hold, where waves of enemies will come and chase you if you approach, and the more you resist, the higher the bounty on your head will climb. You can then choose between fighting or simply fleeing. Finally, we certainly learn one of the most important features of the title: it will be possible to have petsand dress them up in different ways.

Skull and Bones will be released on November 8 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series and Stadia, and will have a cross play between all these platforms.

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