Small flop for the iPhone 14 Plus, but Apple knows how to console itself

Small flop for the iPhone 14 Plus, but Apple knows how to console itself

The first analyzes of the production and the sale of the iPhone 14 show that the iPhone 14 Plus is not selling as much as Apple hoped. As a result, the brand has decided to reduce the production of this model to favor its Pro range.

Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

For a few years, Apple had abandoned its Plus model of theiPhonefor the benefit of mini model. But the latter was eventually replaced by theiPhone 14 Plus. However, sales would not be as good as expected and Apple reacted and bet on its high-end smartphones.

The iPhone 14 Plus is a minor flop

A report from the analysis firm TrendForce reports that “Market reaction after iPhone 14 Plus release was lukewarm“. He explains this in part by a delay in the launch of this model, which went on sale three weeks after the other iPhones.

Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

On the other hand, TrendForce points out that the economic context in the United States reduces the purchasing power of Americans, which can be felt on the sales figures of the apple brand. A difficult economic situation that does not only feel on the other side of the Atlantic. Nevertheless, Apple can always count on its most high-end models.

Apple bets on the iPhone 14 Pro to sell smartphones

In view of these sales, Apple “began to adjust the proportion of new products after the initial wave of pre-orderssays TrendForce. L’iPhone 14 Pro and theiPhone 14 Pro Max are having some success. The analyst firm notes that “unit prices are the same as last year’s modelswhich is true in the United States, but not in Europe where prices have increased significantly.

iPhone 14 Pro Max // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Whatever, “the production ratio of the two models of the iPhone 14 Pro series has been increased from 50 to 60% as originally planned, and it is not excluded that this ratio will continue to increase up to 65% in the future“. Reuters also specifies that these modelsallowed the company to increase its margins“.

Apple remains positive on its sales

A priori, the proportion of iPhone 14 of all iPhones sold by Apple in 2022 is expected to be 36%. Apple expects to sell a total of 240 million, an increase of 2.8% this year. However, production could be affected in the first quarter of 2023 since the manufacturer could reassess production from 56 to 52 million units, a drop of 14%.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro // Source: Anthony Wonner for Frandroid

Reuters also relays an analysis by the research firm Canalys which indicates that Apple is the only supplier of smartphones among the five largest to record shipment growth this quarter. Enough to increase from 15 to 18% share in the global market in one year. Growth to be put into perspective, at least in part since the smartphone market fell by 9% this quarterafter a decrease of 11% in the first half of 2022.

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