Smell of sulfur around the dismissal of the “pro”

The dismissal of Bic Golf Club professional Jonathan Moreau seems to hide a lot of things, as the annual general meeting of shareholders approaching, scheduled for January 30, 2023.

Since the announcement of the layoff of Monsieur Moreau for vague reasons, two weeks ago, the Journal Le Soir investigated. Mr. Moreau’s disputes with President Sylvain Lafrance and the directors of the Club would lead to such discouragement among members and shareholders that the possibility of a sale to a private party is no longer ruled out from the outset.

Hostile offer

In 2009, a businesswoman, Suzanne-Monique Tremblay, filed a so-called “hostile” takeover bid with Bic shareholders. The news had sparked an uproar to the point where Club administrators had tightened their rules in preparation for another attempt. Instead of requiring the acceptance of a quorum of 565 shares to sell the club, the course and their facilities, it now requires the consent of the owners of two-thirds of the shares, or 3,785 shares, to authorize the transaction.

Since the Club was founded in 1932, it has always been owned by the member-shareholders.

Due to its marine environment, the Bic course is one of the most prestigious in Quebec. (Picture: archive)

One speaks, the other does not

Since the week of the provincial elections, last October 3, the author of these lines has regularly tried to contact President Lafrance, without success to date. However, we were able to speak with Jonathan Moreau yesterday, who corroborates some of our information. In addition, a source close to members and staff provided us with a potential explanation for the dismissal of Mr. Moreau.

bad relationships

Finally, Mr. Lafrance is singled out by members for regularly experiencing difficulties in his relations with the professionals/directors of the golf clubs where he is an administrator.

We will remember, among other things, that his arrival coincided with the departure of the man who had been a Bic professional for 30 years, Michael Blier. A departure that had caused a lot of discontent. Two sources tell us that this is the third time this has happened. We gave Mr. Lafrance the chance to explain himself, but in vain. He does not return our calls or messages.

Possible prosecution

Through the information obtained, we learned that Mr. Moreau is considering initiating legal proceedings against Club Bic for wrongful dismissal (or breach of contract) and for loss of income, because he would have invested large sums to renovate the professional’s shop. .


Our readers will understand that we have to be extremely careful about what the board of directors blames Jonathan Moreau for.

The version of the administrators, in a letter to the members of which Le Soir obtained a copy two weeks ago, explained the dismissal of Jonathan Moreau as follows:

“In recent weeks, since mid-September, you have noticed the absence of Mr. Jonathan Moreau, at the golf club. Mr. Moreau had been asked to stay away from the club, the time to shed light on a potentially harmful situation (au) for the Club. »

“During their meeting on November 2, the members of the Board of Directors unanimously resolved to terminate Mr. Moreau’s contract, in accordance with the provisions appearing in said contract. This decision also has the effect, at the same time, of rendering null and void the contracts binding the Club with the Horizon Golf shop and the Golf Academy managed by Mr. Moreau. »

What we would blame him for

What we would blame Jonathan Moreau would be for having behaved inappropriately with a € or members of staff.

This is information that Jonathan Moreau denies. Information that intersects with different sources, including long-time members.

Jonathan Moreau (Photo: Facebook-Jonathan Moreau)

“As long as they’re here”

“I advise you to recheck your sources, because that is not what happened. Second thing, I cannot say more, under the advice of my lawyer, because there are procedures in progress. These steps are likely to take a long time. And as long as the current board of directors remains in office, things are likely to happen,” says Jonathan Moreau.

A buyer

The Journal Le Soir has also learned that a prominent businessman in Rimouski has made known his interest in acquiring the Bic golf club, no doubt with partners.

The annual general meeting of shareholders of the Club could give rise to unexpected decisions. We are also told at the time of writing these lines that the revenues for the 2022 season are not those expected. A reason for dissatisfaction which is likely to be added to the others.