Someone has made a 4D Minecraft clone

Someone has made a 4D Minecraft clone

4D Miner is a 4D Minecraft, a concept that makes everything more complicated, from construction to eliminating enemies.

There are usually two categories of video games : 2D video games and 3D titles. You will rarely see a game go beyond that as we live in a three dimensional world. But then, how does a clone of Minecraft can it exist in 4D? At first sight, 4D Miner looks like Minecraft. You are dropped into an infinite world, with the mission of mining to survive as long as possible. Minecraft, so. Until you use your mouse wheel.

4D Miner, a 4D Minecraft

As you scroll, the world changes. The elements in front of you disappear, others appear. Everything changes. But nothing really changes. From a 5D perspective, whatever you see while scrolling is actually there all the time, it’s just that we can’t see it because we’re limited with our 3D perception.

Imagine a 2D character like Mario in Super Mario Bros. He can see left, right, up, down, but remains limited to these two dimensions. If you place it in a 3D environment, it won’t be able to see the extra dimension. Instead, he will see a 2D section of this 3D space, which will only reveal a portion of the world in its entirety. Move this section and it will see everything else, with some elements “disappearing” from its original perspective.

This explanation may be quite abstract for you, it is normal. It’s quite complex to understand for some, and ultimately easier to explain visually. Watch this demonstration video.

A 4D game like 4D Miner takes this concept and applies it to us. We are the 2D character, but we experience a 3D section in a 4D world. To a 4D observer, the world seems totally normal, with its trees, caves, rivers, etc. We, on the other hand, only see what our section offers to our view: by scrolling, we move the section, revealing a different portion of the 4D world.

This mechanic adds another dimension to exploration in Minecraft that we all know. You may think you have no drops after mining a tree, but by scrolling you can find a branch.

In the same way, you will find the exploration of the caves much more complex than in Minecraft. To find the entries, already, you will certainly have to scroll, and continue scrolling once inside. Otherwise, you will miss many items.

A concept that makes everything more complicated

In this game, your enemies are 4D characters, which means you can’t see them if you’re not in their perspective. You may also never see them in their full form: you can scroll to see different sections of them, but their full appearance will still be hidden in the 4D space you cannot see. The first enemy you are likely to encounter is a 4D arachnid dubbed the hyperspider. If the concept of a spider lurking in another dimension triggers your arachnophobia, we couldn’t blame you.

As you play, you’ll be able to build tools to navigate this 4D world more easily. 4D glasses, for example, reveal outlines of items and enemies that you wouldn’t normally see in your 4D perspective. And immediately these spiders seem less scary. You can also build a 4D compass to know your position and better visualize your 3D section of the 4D world.

You will need these tools because everything is more complicated in 4D Miner that in Minecraft. Building a simple shelter is a real challenge when you realize your 3D building skills aren’t worth much in 4D. Your first 4D shelter will be full of holes. And spiders will scare you again.

4D Miner is currently available for free as Demo on Steam, with an official release scheduled for November. It won’t be the first 4D game to hit the market, but according to this Wikipedia listthis is the first 4D game of 2022, and only the third since 2020. As limited as games in this genre may be, they are fascinating to play.

Another interesting concept: 4D Toys, which lets you play with shapes in 4D space. As 4D Mineryou’re limited to your 3D section, so you’ll see these toys change shape and disappear as you scroll through the sections.