Sonos activates support for Trueplay for the iPhone 14

Sonos activates support for Trueplay for the iPhone 14

Sonos product users can now use an iPhone 14/14 Plus or iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max to set up Trueplay at home. The manufacturer is in the process of deploying a server-side update to its mobile application for this purpose.

This is good news and frankly, it was about time because without this compatibility, it is impossible to calibrate your speakers correctly. Trueplay, a technology launched in 2015makes it possible to precisely configure Sonos products according to the walls, furniture and surfaces that reflect sound waves in the room.

The actual calibration requires walking around the room, iPhone in hand (Trueplay uses the microphone of the smartphone). Hence the importance of having an up-to-date app on your device… An “automatic” version of Trueplay is available on the Move and Roam speakers, they automatically adjust the sound to the environment of the room.

But if you just bought another product and you only have an unfortunate iPhone 14 in hand, it was tintin. At least until today and this deployment spotted by 9to5Mac ! His bone recommended so far to borrow a compatible device, with ease. Several Apple products are deprived of Trueplay, such as the recent iPad Pro. On the other hand, support for the iPad 10 is in the pipeline.