Sony is giving away a terrific action-RPG to PS Plus subscribers

Sony is giving away a terrific action-RPG to PS Plus subscribers

PS4 and PS5 owners who subscribe to PS Plus will be able to immerse themselves in an excellent action-RPG in November.

Sony spoils PS4 and PS5 players who subscribe to PS Plus

For a long time, the RPG genre will have been confined to turn-based. In Japan, this kind of turn-based format and tactical role-playing games are still very popular, while in the West, audiences seem to less and less sensitive. The action-RPG, more in tune with the times, takes precedence over turn-based.

Even a license like Final Fantasy must be done with this evidence (even if Final Fantasy 17 could return to the formula of the time). There are plenty of quality action-RPGs to get your teeth into. In November, Sony is going to offer an excellent one to PS4 and PS5 owners who subscribe to PS Plus.

Nioh 2, an action-RPG to do absolutely

As usual, Dealabs reveals before Sony games that will be available to PS Plus subscribers the following month. In November, PS4 and PS5 players will be able to enjoy, regardless of their subscription plan, three free games: Heavenly Bodies, LEGO Harry Potter Collection and Nioh 2. The latter should hold the attention of a majority of players.

Released in March 2020 on PS4, then in February 2021 on PS5, Nioh 2 is a terrific action-RPG. The game developed by Team Ninja is part of the best Souls-like. It offers a demanding combat system, very inspired bosses and many missions to keep you busy. The variety of weapons and powers (which you can steal from enemies) will keep you exploring the game’s side content.

An essential action-RPG that you can’t miss if you own a PS4 or PS5. Note that it is the improved version that is offered to owners of the latest Sony console subscribed to PS Plus. The three games offered by Sony will be downloadable from November 1 to December 6.

Source used: Dealabs