Sony would prepare a new PS5

The new “100% digital” model could be paired with an external Blu-Ray player.

As Microsoft had done before it with its Xbox 360 – which was sold with an HD-DVD disc player in the form of an extension – Sony could soon offer a “100% digital” PS5 equipped with a USB port. -C additional, which would be used to connect an external Blu-Ray player which would allow both to play Blu-Ray films and to launch games in disc format, according to journalist Tom Henderson. A solution that would allow buyers of models without disc drives to continue playing games in disc format.

For Sony, this would be a smart way to offer a more affordable PS5 model while offering an upgrade option. As we know, the model equipped with a disk drive remains very popular with gamers. The 100% digital model, on the other hand, has more difficulty finding its audience. For a simple and good reason: players like to have at least the option of slipping a disc into their machine, if the opportunity arises.

The new PS5 could thus be sold alone or with a disc player.

Sony would not have planned any big change in the design of its machine. The new model would however logically be thinner and lighter. Several internal elements could also be revised, as is customary with new editions of the machine.

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