Sony wouldn’t see Xbox Game Pass as competition, sources say |  XboxOne

Sony wouldn’t see Xbox Game Pass as competition, sources say | XboxOne

It is this information for which the use of the conditional and caution are required. However, if true, the latest release from Jim Ryan (the CEO of PlayStation) would imply that the sinews of war is not based on on-demand game offers, like the Xbox Game Pass. In any case, this is what Tom Henderson reports on the Insider Gaming site.

“More PS5 sales than Xbox Game Pass subscribers in two years”, according to Ryan

The time for compliments and congratulations is not on the agenda, on the side of Xbox and PlayStation. While the legal battle around the takeover of Activision-Blizzard continues to crystallize the tensions between the two consolers for months (cf, our special file to understand the stakes of this transaction), Jim Ryan would have made a daring exit.

When we consider the Game Pass, it seems that the numbers (in terms of subscribers, editor’s note) are getting lower and lower. When we look at Game Pass, we’ve sold more PlayStation 5s in two years than they’ve garnered subscribers and they’ve been doing that for 6-7 years. We are almost at 50 million subscribers when they are under 20 million, but there is still work to be done to increase this number

This surprising statement, and of course anonymous, would have been intended for employees of the Sony group, during a question and answer session. Jim Ryan would have had a warlike and offensive speech towards the subscription service by Microsoft, in contrast to what he has presented for months as unfair competition in the event of a takeover. A month ago, the CEO of PlayStation had even expressed his fears vis-à-vis the Xbox Game Passseen according to him as a game changer if the takeover was successful.

So a real reversal of the jacket and adaptation of the speech according to its audience, motivation of the troops to counter-attack or simply a sentence taken out of context to add salt to an endless soap opera? No one knows at the moment. However, it would seem that the end of 2022 still has its share of scathing phrases in store for us, on one side and on the other. the other.

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