Sosh Box or RED Box?

Sosh Box or RED Box?

Are you currently looking for a cheap and non-binding internet subscription ? For less than 20 € monthly, you can take the Sosh boxor the RED-Box . The two low cost offers are interesting, but different. Which of these economic boxes suit you best for your uses on the Web? Take a look at this comparative to find the answer to this question!

Sosh box: take Fiber or ADSL for €19.99 monthly without commitment!

Posted at €19.99per month until 1er February 2023 the Sosh boxis a internet box without commitment operating on the Orange network. After one year of subscription, its price increases to €29.99 monthly with the optical fiber. By taking theDSLthe price does not increase.

If you choose the formula Fiber you will have the right to Livebox 5as equipment. You can then enjoy a connection speed of up to 300 Mb/s down and up. If you opt for theDSL you will benefit from the Livebox 4and of theHigh-speed Internet . In both cases, the package will also include:

  • them unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France, the overseas departments and around a hundred destinations around the world;
  • I’Orange TV appavailable on computer, tablet and smartphone (granted on condition of making the request to Sosh).

RED Box: subscribe to the Internet for €19 per month without obligation!

Running on the SFR network the RED-Box is offered to 19 €monthly without engagement . As part of a promocurrently valid, one month subscription is free . As far as the price is concerned, the price of the formulas optical fiber (500 Mb/s download and upload) and Very high speed(500 Mb/s download and 50 Mb/s upload) increases to €29 per month from the second year. However, this is not provided with theDSL .

RED Box.jpg

In terms of services, subscribe to the offer RED-Box also allows:

  • ofcall at will to France (Metropolis & DOM), as well as to landlines in more than 100 countries;
  • of watch 35 TV channels accessible on smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac;
  • of store 10 GB of documents onlinewith SFR Cloud.