Space: NASA is about to reveal live “a major discovery” on Mars

Space: NASA is about to reveal live “a major discovery” on Mars

The US space agency claims to have made an important discovery on the red planet. She is holding a press conference this Thursday, October 27 at 8 p.m.

What is this mysterious discovery that NASA is about to reveal?

The US space agency must present this Thursday, October 27 “a major discovery” made on Mars.

With new images taken on the red planet combined with data collection, NASA intends to lift the veil on several mysteries.

If they did not specify the content of these discoveries, the scientists on the project evoke an announcement “based on observations made by the InSight landing module placed on Mars” and by the “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” mission. .

“The members of the scientific team of these two missions will explain how the data and the images of each spacecraft (…) contributed to the discovery”, further specifies NASA in a press release.

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A press conference will be held online from 8 p.m. French time, it will be viewable in the video below.

The InSight probe, currently on the surface of the planet, has made great progress in the study of Mars thanks to its integrated seismometer. For its part, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite was able to provide new shots of the star. It’s two missions must therefore deliver their secret today….