Spotlight on SFR’s 5 GB mobile plan

If you don’t need a lot of mobile data, the 5 GB package from SFR is a great option. And especially since the operator in the red square adapts this mini-package to needs. you can thus simply subscribe to this cheap mobile plan, or combine it with a smartphone in order to save money. We detail everything about this SFR package.

SFR 5 GB mobile plan: what can you do with it?

Are you hesitating to choose a package with 5 GB of internet envelope? Here is some information that will allow you to know if this formula meets your needs.

HASWith 5 GB of data, you can :

  • surf the internet 4 hours a day
  • send or receive 70 emails/month
  • listen to 8 hours of streaming music/month
  • watch 6 hours of videos/month
  • download 30 apps/month

SFR 5 GB package: €14/month for 1 year

SFR offers you to subscribe to its 5 GB formula at the price of €14/month for one year. After these first 12 months, the price will drop to €17/month, without commitment. If you are an SFR box customer, SFR grants you a monthly discount on this inexpensive package: it goes to €9/month for 12 months, then €12/month.

This SFR plan understand :

  • 5 GB of mobile internet in France, Europe and overseas departments
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, Europe and the overseas departments

The SFR 5GB + smartphone plan: a real good plan

Big advantage of this 5 GB package: the possibility of combining it with a telephone. This is a great opportunity offered by SFR to allow you to renew your smartphone with an attractive price.

With this offer bundle + phone from SFR, you will have the choice between different brands such as Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung or Huawei. It will be up to you to make your selection according to your needs, and your budget of course!

SFR box + mobile: a fiber box and the 5 GB package for €27/month

Another good plan with this SFR 5 GB package: the possibility of associating it with the SFR Fiber Starter, the cheapest internet box from SFR. Thanks to this pack box + telephone subscriptionyou benefit from a €5 monthly discount on your invoice. So you only pay €27/month instead of €32/month. Interesting, isn’t it?

Note that this combo is also valid with the other SFR internet boxes, namely the SFR Fiber Power and the SFR Fiber Premium.

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