Starships Troopers in video game – ActuSF

The saga Starship Troopersinitiated by Paul Verhoeven then declined since in works of very unequal quality, will return next year this time in a cooperative FPS where you will have to face arachnids.

In the 24th century, a strong federation brings order and virtue to Earth, relentlessly urging youth to fight, duty, self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice. But at the edge of the galaxy, an army of arachnids rises against the human species and these giant insects raze the city of Buenos Aires in a few seconds. Five young people, five volunteers barely out of high school, full of enthusiasm and courage, go on a mission in space to fight the invaders. They are far from suspecting what awaits them.

Released in 1997, the SF film initially struggled to find its audience before gaining cult status. And like all adored works, it was then taken up more or less well, whether in film or in animated series for example. But let the fans get ready: she returns today in a video game that promises to be interesting.

Starship Troopers: Extermination, developed by the studio Offworld Industries, will be a cooperative FPS playable up to 12 simultaneously. He will take up one of the essential enemies of the saga: the arachnids. To fight them, each player will have to choose a strategic position (assault, defense and support), then collect resources, build and fortify his defense, and finally, launch assaults!

The first images of this game, which is already available for pre-order on Steamwere unveiled in a teaser:

Not a video game fan? No problem ! You can always review Starship Troopers which is available for streaming on the Disney+ platform.