Steelrising – Towards an increased difficulty mode for Steelrising

Steelrising has rather won over critics thanks to its uchronic universe, but some clearly regret that it is too easy. From September 29, an NG+ mode will allow you to modify the difficulty settings of the clashes.

Steelrising was launched on September 8 and if the critics rather salute its narration or its universe freely inspired by the Paris of 1789 (in an uchronia which led Louis XVI to repress revolutionary inclinations with the help of an army of automatons), some nevertheless clearly regret the too great ease of the game. The studio Spiders seems to have heard the criticism.

This September 29, the developer will roll out a feature update adding the “New Game Plus”. In addition to adding four new weapons, a complete new outfit and new enemy variations, the feature will concretely allow Steelrising players to redo all or part of the game, but by choosing their level difficulty and while keeping its progress (levels, weapons and other improvements). The mode can be activated and deactivated at will as it progresses, to redo or not quests which will then be reset. According to the developer, the “New Game Plus” should allow “allowing players to choose their gaming experience”. Those who wish can therefore add a little challenge to their exploration of Paris.

The game mode will roll out to all Steelrising owners, on PC or consoles, starting September 29. To activate this NG+ mode, players will need to download the patch and have previously reached the end of the game: via the main menu, you will have to select the “New Game Plus” option and thus convert an end-of-game save to “NG+” mode. We can then redo the game by modifying the difficulty options when we wish.


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