Steve Jobs Archive: a website dedicated to the legendary Apple boss

The very day of the launch of theiPhone 14, the Code 2022 conference paid tribute to Steve Jobs, Apple’s iconic co-founder and longtime Apple brand CEO. Tim Cook, Jony Ive and the widow of
Steve JobsLaurene Powell Jobs, found themselves alongside journalist Kara Swisher to evoke the memory of the big boss and announce the creation of a website in his glory called Steve Jobs Archive.

We do not yet know what form these archives will take or when the site will be launched, but we do know that the creation of this documentary collection was entrusted to an archivist and a historian who consulted Laurene Powell Jobs, Time Cook, Jony Ive and others who have collaborated with Steve Jobs over the years. There will be a few physical objects, but these are ” many more ideas “, as his wife explained. She recalled in particular that Steve Jobs considered design as one of the keys to advancing humanity. ”
Everything you were born into, the design of everything around you, the clothes you wear, all those decisions were made by someone else.
“, she said.

“Leaving behind a body of works”

Steve Jobs’ archives will contain memories of the co-founder of Apple as well as documents that will help to understand his vision of the world. Lauren Powell Jobs spoke of her return to Apple in 1997 and her decision to reduce the product line to just four models, as well as her ability to say “no” not just to bad ideas, but also to good ideas that didn’t fit. not. ”
It’s a testament to the clarity and sharpness of his thinking, and the fact that he made these four products the best products on the planet.
“, she explained. ”
He was talking about leaving behind a body of work, like an artist does.

Steve Jobs’ vision for Apple was at the intersection of liberal arts and technology, explained Tim Cook, noting that his successors deliberately chose not to make decisions the way he would have made them (at Steve’s own request). Jobs) while keeping human-inspired design as a compass. ”
We always think about the humanity of the story of the person behind the product
said Tim Cook.

Despite the success of Apple’s turnaround in the 2000s, Steve Jobs could still be surprised. Jony Ive told how one day, during a lunch, the volume of the iPod Nano sold in the world had amazed the big boss. ”
It excited him, not because the goal was to achieve huge volume, but because it was so relevant.
“. The Steve Jobs Archive will lift a corner of the veil on the thinking of this visionary.

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