Still disappointing, Ben Simmons revolts Nets fans with his daring exit!

Despite the efforts of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets suffered their fifth loss of the season against the Pacers on Saturday. Still as little in sight in terms of scoring, Ben Simmons therefore annoyed the fans… by being very confident!

At first glance, the fit between the three stars looked promising, with two born scorers accompanied by a high-quality hub. It is clear that their association is slow to bear fruit. Ben Simmons struggling to fit in alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, and showed it again this Saturday, when the Pacers visited Barclays Center.

Ben Simmons keeps hope on the Nets… and gets undermined

While his two star teammates had 61 pawns, Simmons only scored 9 points in the loss to Indiana (116-125). Another negative result that obviously frustrated the Nets, testifies to this the tense sequence between Kyrie and a journalist at a press conference. Ben 10, he wanted to be much more calm and optimistic about the sequence of events for his franchise:

Ben Simmons on the possibility that the Nets could bounce back from their 1-5 record at the start of the season: “Of course they can! I think we can be the best team in the NBA. »

On paper, Steve Nash has indeed a staff full of quality and good players, which made it one of the most formidable teams in the league. However, the reality on the ground leads us to be much less enthusiastic about the potential of this roster. Despite everything, Simmons refuses to give up all hope of redemption, which did not necessarily please Internet users who were already tired of his performances:

It might do it if you scored more than 10 points in a game

Ben Simmons two hours later

Despite the multiple criticisms he and his team may receive, Ben Simmons remains positive about the Nets and their cap. It didn’t take much for him to suffer a new round of attacks from his ever-increasing number of detractors!

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