Street Fighter 6 gets an explosive new trailer and a beta

The cult fighting game starred at Capcom’s presentation at the Tokyo Game Show.

More street fighter 6 continues to unfold, more this one promises to be a surprising evolution of the franchise. The title has just offered an amazing new trailer as part of the Tokyo Game Show festivities. Still no release date on the horizon, but this exclusive trailer also comes with the announcement of a closed beta scheduled for next month. It is already possible to register via the game’s official website, until September 30. The lucky ones will be able to test street fighter 6 a whole weekend from October 7 to 10.

While waiting for the opportunity to test the title exclusively, players can revel in the latest crisp extracts from this ultimate version of the fighting game. With its short trailer, Capcom manages to show the extent of this street fighter new generation. We discover more details about the new modes that will make their debut in the franchise.. A vast World tour serving as an open story mode, character creation and a multiplayer Battle Hub for an even more community experience: street fighter 6 promises heavy.

Street Fighter is far from the street

Capcom is putting the dishes in the big ones for its new baby. The license grows phenomenally with an expansive single-player world and community areas for multiplayer. It will even be possible to create your own character to explore the universe of this new title. On the multiplayer side, the organization of the fights takes on the form of an arcade cabinet for a little extra charm. It will be possible to sit facing another player to throw a fight like in a good old arcade room.

In addition to these new clips and new features, long-time fans can look forward to the return of four iconic characters from the franchise. Ken, Blanka, Dhalsim and E. Honda will be there when street fighter 6 will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC next year. A full cast list was leaked last June.and these character announcements continue to confirm the famous leak.

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