Tahoma Switch: Somfy launches a service to better support new users

Somfy’s Tahoma boxes are among the most complete and open control solutions for the connected home on the market, with in particular 300 ranges of compatible products for the latest model: the Tahoma Switch. We recently mentioned the arrival of the Japanese heating specialist Daikin in the Somfy ecosystem. But to take full advantage of it, you still have to be able to connect compatible devices to it and know the different features available for each.

Personalized support to get off to a good start with Tahoma

Somfy has therefore decided to take Tahoma buyers by the hand, or rather by telephone, since it is launching a telephone assistance service. More precisely, new users will be able to talk with a Somfy technician for an hour and thus benefit from advice and explanations to start configuring their box according to their desires. The firm specifies that its technicians are based in Haute-Savoie and that their mission is to guide the user in the creation of two scenarios and two advanced functions, in addition to the activation of Tahoma with the recording of about ten products and customization of the interface.

This service is unfortunately not free, but offered at a cost of 70 €. It is possible to request it directly on the Somfy website, or when ordering a Tahoma Switch box from a professional installer; the whole is then invoiced 269 €. Remember that the Tahoma Switch is available at the recommended retail price of €199. Somfy adds that the service is also available for the Tahoma Rail-DIN S, i.e. the electrical panel version available for new programs.

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